ISO 24114 pdf download

ISO 24114 pdf download

ISO 24114 pdf download Instant coffee — Criteria for authenticity
This international Standard specifies criteria for authenticity of soluble (instant) coffee.
2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For datedreferences, only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenceddocument (including any amendments)applies.
SO 3509, Coffee and coffee products – VocabularySO 11292,Instant coffee – Determination of free and total carbohydrate contents — Method using highperformanceanion-exchange chromatography
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in lSO 3509,ISO 11292 and the followingapply.
pure soluble coffee
products prepared by the extraction of roasted coffee beans exclusively, as defined in international andnational regulations
NOTE 1See References [1], whose Article 2 gives the definition of “soluble coffee”, and (2), whose annex describesauthentic educts and the proper production of soluble coffee.
Pure soluble coffees have free and total carbohydrate profiles, which depend both on the nature and quality otNOTE 2the green coffee beans used for their manufacture and on processing. The variations of the profiles have been clearlyestablished.
soluble coffee mixture
mixture prepared by the co-extraction or the separate extraction of roasted coffee beans and of materials
other than coffee beans
NOTEThe composition of soluble coffee mixtures shall be clearly declared on the label. This category of productsshall comply with international or local regulations.
adulterated soluble coffeeproducts prepared by the co-extraction or the separate extraction of roasted coffee beans and of raw orroasted materials other than coffee beans, where the product is sold as pure soluble coffee and the addition ofthe non-coffee bean material is not declared on the label
NOTESuch an addition shifts the free and total carbohydrates outside their natural ranges of variation. This changein the carbohydrate profile indicates adulteration, as outlined in the literature, and in international regulations andstatements; see References (3) and (4). Reference (3) explicitly mentions proof of authenticity of soluble coffee.
4 Detection of adulteration
4.1 General
The adulteration is detected by the determination of the carbohydrate content.
4.2 Method of analysis
Use the method of analysis specified in ISO 11292 to determine the carbohydrate content.
4.3 Distinctive carbohydrates
The determination of the content of two indicator carbohydrates, namely total glucose and total xylose, issufficient to establish authenticity, independently of the commercial quality of the coffee or of the processingconditions used for the preparation of the soluble coffee.
5 Proof of authenticity
5.1 Maximum content of carbohydrate indicators in pure soluble coffee
The maximum content of the carbohvdrate indicators has been determined from the analvsis of over1 000 samples of commercial soluble coffees. The soluble coffees analysed were produced and marketed bydifferent manufacturers in several coffee-producing and coffee-consuming countries, thus covering a widerange of oriqins, commercial qualities, and conditions of processinq, The analyses were carried out in differentlaboratories, all applying ISO 11292
The maximum contents of the carbohydrate indicators were calculated using a statistical model called mixtureof distributions. The model assumes that the observed overall distribution of a carbohydrate indicator isactually a mixture of several distributions, corresponding to pure soluble coffee and different kinds ofadulterated coffees. The distribution with the lowest carbohydrate contents is associated with pure solublecoffee. The maximum content of the carbohydrate is then defined by using a 99 % credibility interval(see Reference[5]).

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