ISO 18382 pdf download

ISO 18382 pdf download

ISO 18382 pdf download Space data and information transfer systems — Spacecraft onboard interface services — RFID-based inventory management systems
This International Standard provides recommended practices for the utilization of Radio Frequencydentification (RFID) protocol and communication standards in support of inventory management activitiesassociated with space missions.
The recommended practices contained in this international Standard enable member agencies to select thebest option(s) available for interoperable RFIDbased communications in the support of inventorymanagement applications. The specification of a Recommended Practice facilitates interoperablecommunications and forms the foundation for cross-support of communication systems between separatemember space agencies.
This lnternational Standard is targeted towards passive (unpowered) RFID tags transmitting in the 860 MHz -960 MHz Ultra High Frequency (UHF) radio band. The recommended practices are applicable to bothterrestrial (ground-based) and space-based automated inventory management systems utilizing only passiveRFID tags.
Active RFID systems and utilization of RFID tags for precision asset localization are not covered in thisInternational Standard.
The scope and field of application are furthermore detailed in subclause 1.3 of the enclosed CCSDSpublication.
Requirements are the technical recommendations made in the following publication (reproduced on thefollowing pages), which is adopted as an International Standard:
CCSDS 881.0-M-1, May 2012, Spacecraft onboard interface services – RFID-based inventory managementsystems.
For the purposes of international standardization, the modifications outlined below shall apply to the specificclauses and paragraphs of publication CCSDS 881.0-M-1.
3 Revision of publication CCSDS 881.0-M-1
t has been agreed with the Consultative Commitee for Space Data Systems that SubcommitteeSO/TC 20/SC 13 will be consulted in the event of any revision or amendment of publication CCSDS 881.0M-1. To this end, NASA will act as a liaison body between CCSDS and ISO.

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