ISO 18296 pdf download

ISO 18296 pdf download

ISO 18296 pdf download Ships and marine technology — Ship- shifting winches Electric ship-shifting winches shall be provided with an automatic braking system which operates when bringing the operating device to the stop or braking position. The brake shall be capable of holding a load on the hawser of 1,5 times the drum load and of stopping the drum rotation from its maximum speed without suffering damage. For winches of hydraulic drive, a proper automatic braking system shall be used, if agreed between the purchaser and manufacturer. The braking system shall be capable of holding a load on the hawser of 1,25 times the drum load, and the movement of the rope shall be controlled within 1,0 m/min.
4.6.2 Drum brakes
a) Winches shall be provided with a drum brake, which shall be normally closed; the brake is released by either manual operation or power operation. If this brake is power operated, it shall also be capable of manual operation. The maximum holding force is the holding load.
b) The function of the power operated system of the power operated brake shall not be affected by the fault of the primary power source.
c) The braking force shall be adjustable, and the position mark of the holding load shall be fitted, to avoid the excessive or insufficient set holding load.
d) In an emergency, the drum brake shall be capable of completing the emergency release within 10 s. NOTE The provision of a braking force test device shall be determined by the purchaser and manufacturer.
4.7 Safety and protection
4.7.1 When being subjected to the impact or over-torque, the prime mover and drive shall be provided with safety protection, such as overpressure protection for hydraulic drives and overcurrent protection for motors.
4.7.2 The minimum ingress protection of electrical equipment on the weather deck is IP56 of IEC 60529, or any other ingress protection applicable to the installation and operation environment of the equipment.
4.7.3 The breaking strength range of the rope selected for design shall be marked at the conspicuous place of the ship-shifting winch.
4.8 Speed control The speed of the winch shall be adjustable between stop and maximum within each gear step. It shall be possible to adjust the speed while the winch is working.
4.9 Operating devices
4.9.1 For ship-shifting winches remotely operated, emergency stop mechanisms shall be installed beside the winch, to cut off the power of the winch and automatically brake if the power sources fail.
4.9.2 Every remotely operable control component shall be operated manually beside the winch.
4.9.3 Whatever the form of motive power, the operating devices shall, when under manual control, be arranged to return to the braking or stop position automatically, unless otherwise agreed between the purchaser and manufacturer.
4.9.4 The direction of motion of the operating devices shall be clearly and permanently marked. It shall be such that the rope is hauled-in by the clockwise movement at a hand-wheel or crank handle or, alternatively, by the movement of a hand-lever towards the operator, and vice versa.

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