ISO 12151-5 pdf download

ISO 12151-5 pdf download

ISO 12151-5 pdf download Connections for hydraulic fluid power and general use — Hose fittings — Part 5: Hose fittings with ISO 8434-2 37° flared ends
This part of ISO 12151 specifies the general and dimensional requirements for the design and performance of37° flared hose fittings in accordance with ISO 8434-2, made of carbon steel, for nominal hose sizes of6,3 mm through 51 mm inclusive in accordance with ISO 4397.
NOTE 1Other materials can be supplied as agreed between the manufacturer and user.
NOTE 2 See ISO 4038 and ISO 4039 for hose fittings used in hydraulic and pneumatic braking systems on roadvehicles (as defined in the scope of ISO/TC 22)
These hose fitings (see Figure 1 for a typical example) are for use in hydraulic fluid power systems with hosethat meets the requirements of the respective hose standards and in general applications with suitable hose.
Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For datedreterences, only the edition cited applies. For undated reterences, the latest edition of the reterenceddocument (including any amendments) applies.
ISO 68-2, ISO general-purpose screw threads 一 Basic profile — Part 2: lnch screw threads
ISO 263, ISO inch screw threads — General plan and selection for screws, bolts and nuts — Diameter range0.06 to 6 in
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ISO 8434-2:–1), Metallic tube connections for fluid power and general use – Part 2: 37 flared connectors
ISO 9227, Corrosion tests in artificial atospheres – Salt spray tests
ISO 19879,Metallic tube connections for fluid power and general use — Test methods for hydraulic fluidpowerconnections
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO 5598 apply.
4Performance requirements
Hose assemblies shall meet the performance requirements specified in the appropriate hose specificationwithout leakage or failure when tested in accordance with ISO 6605.
The working pressure of the hose assembly shall be the lower of the pressures for that size given inSO 8434-2 for the end connection or in the relevant hose specification.
The workina pressure of the hose fittina shal be verified throuah testina conducted in accordance withSO 19879. but the entire hose assembly shall be tested in accordance with ISO 6605. During the cyclicendurance test, the hose fiting shall be subjected to the number of cycles specified in the relevant hosespecification.
Designation of hose fittings5
5.1Hose fittings shall be designated by an alphanumeric code to facilitate ordering. They shall bedesignated by the words “Hose fiting”, followed by “ISO 12151-5″, followed by a spaced hyphen, then theconnection type and shape letter symbol, followed by another spaced hyphen, the 37 flared-end size (tubeoutside diameter in accordance with ISO 8434-2) and the hose size (nominal hose inside diameter inaccordance with ISO 4397), each separated by a multiplication symbol (x).
EXAMPLEA female swivel 45° elbow for 12 mm OD tubing and 12,5 mm nominal lD hose, is designated as follows.

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