IEC TS 61944 pdf download

IEC TS 61944 pdf download

IEC TS 61944 pdf download Integrated circuits – Manufacturing line approval – Demonstration vehicles
1 Scope
This technical specification establishes the characteristics of standard evaluation components(SEC) used for verifying capability and reliability.
2Standard evaluation component (SEC)
A standard evaluation component(SEC) is a test specimen especially designed or acommercial product taken from production and used for verifying capability (totally or partly)and reliability in accordance with the Process Manual.
SECs are used in the qualification test programme to define capability.
For maintenance,the tests shall demonstrate the quality aspects and either all the limits ofthe capability,or those limits of the capability used for products delivered during the mostrecent period.
Two types of components may be used as a SEC:
Type l: A component especially designed and manufactured to assess the design rules andthe manufacturing process.
Type ll: A commercial product taken from production.
Generally it is not possible to cover all limits and all quality aspects of the capability with asingle SEC. Either a single type or a combination of both types may be used, and collectivelythey shall be adequate for assessing the complete worst case design rules, the materials,manufacturing processes and the quality aspects. Where it is claimed that a diffused/metallized element,or group of elements, can demonstrate one or more limits,such anelement or group of elements shall be measurable separately without being subject toinfluence from other component elements.
The SEC shall be documented, including the design methodology and the software tools usedin the design, the functions it is to perform, its size in terms of utilized transistor or gate countand simulations of its performance.
Every SEC shall have a detail specification comprising the following requirements:
a) Complexity: the complexity of at least one of the SEC types shall contain, as a minimum,one half the number of transistors expected to be used in the largest microcircuit to bebuilt on the qualified manufacturing line.
b) Functionality: the SEC shall contain fully functional circuits capable of being tested and screened in a manner identical to that of qualified microcircuits.
3 Technology characterization vehicle (TCV) program
The TCV program shall contain, as a minimum, those test structures needed to characterize a technology’s susceptibility to intrinsic reliability failure mechanisms such as electromigration, time-dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB), hot carrier ageing, etc. If other wear-out mechanisms are discovered as integrated circuit technology continues to mature, test structures for the new wear-out mechanisms shall be added to the TCV program. The TCV program will be used for the following purposes: certification of the technology; reliability monitoring; change control.

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