IEC 62561-4 pdf download

IEC 62561-4 pdf download

IEC 62561-4 pdf download Lightning protection system components (LPSC) – Part 4: Requirements for conductor fasteners
5.3Mechanical strength
5.3.1 Perpendicular and axial loads
The design of the conductor fastener shall be such that it carries the perpendicular loadscaused by the weight of the conductor,snow,ice and wind and axial loads caused by thethermal expansion-contraction of the conductor and its weight.
Compliance is checked following the manufacturer’s declaration for the classification of theconductor fastener in accordance with Clause 4 and by test specified in 6.4.1 and 6.4.2.
5.3.2lmpact tests
Conductor fasteners shall be so designed and constructed to withstand impact stressescaused accidentally.
Compliance is checked by test specified in instructions
The manufacturer or supplier of the conductor fastener shall provide adequate information inhis literature to ensure that the installer can select and install the component in a suitable andsafe manner,in accordance with lEC 62305-3.
Compliance is checked by inspection in accordance with 6.5.
Each conductor fastener shall be marked with
– the manufacturer’s or responsible vendor’s name or logo or trademark,- product identification or type.
Where it is not possible to make these marks directly onto the product, they shall be made onthe smallest supplied packaging.
NOTE Marking may be applied for example by moulding,pressing.engraving.printing adhesive labels or watersllde transfers
Compliance is checked in accordance with 6.6.
6.1General test conditions
Tests specified in this standard are type tests.These tests are of such a nature that,afterthey have been performed,they need not be repeated unless changes are made to thematerials,design’ or type of manufacturing process,which might change the performancecharacteristics.
The standard cannot cover all possible types of conductor fasteners and the way of fixingthem on various surfaces of different materials. When required,for these applications,agreement should be obtained between the test engineer and manufacturer on the specifictesting regime.
Unless otherwise specified,tests are carried out with the specimens assembled and installedas in normal use specified in the manufacturer’s or supplier’s instructions,with therecommended conductor materials,sizes and the tightening torques.
The tests shall be carried out in the sequence given after environmental tests of the specimen in accordance with 6.3. Unless otherwise specified, 12 metallic or 1 8 composite/non metallic specimens are subjected to the tests and the requirements are satisfied if all the tests are met.
If only one of the specimens fails to satisfy a test due to a manufacturing fault, that test and any preceding one which may have influenced the results of the test shall be repeated and also the tests which follow shall be made in the same required sequence on another full set of samples, all of which shall comply with the requirements.
Tests for non-metallic conductor fasteners shall not commence earlier than 168 h from the time of their manufacturing. A torque meter shall be used for all tightening operations. It shall have a resolution of at least 0,5 Nm and an accuracy of ± 4 % or less.

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