IEC 62523 pdf download

IEC 62523 pdf download

IEC 62523 pdf download Radiation protection instrumentation – Cargo/vehicle radiographic inspection system
4 General characteristics of cargo/vehicle radiographic inspection system
4.1 General The inspection systems are designed to create an image of the inspected object for an operator to detect, locate, and identify contraband hidden in cargo and/or vehicles. Such a system is generally composed of a radiation source(s), detectors, a mechanical and control system, an image processing system, a radiation safety system to protect the operators and the public against radiation, and other auxiliary devices/facilities. The manufacturer shall state power requirements and the warm-up or set-up time of the system.
4.2 Emergency stop devices Inspection systems shall be equipped with emergency stop devices such as emergency buttons, so that the radiation beam can be automatically shut off or the radioactive source can be automatically retracted into its shielding assembly whenever any of these devices is activated. Once any emergency stop device has been activated, the system shall not be able to restart the radiation beam automatically. Manual operation, such as inserting a key on the operator control panel and turning it to the “ON” position, is required to enable the restart of the radiation beam.
Emergency stop devices shall be installed at several locations including, but not limited to the operator control panel and in relatively close proximity to the radiation source and the detectors.
The emergency stop devices shall work in a fail-safe mode. If an emergency stop device fails,the radiation beam shall be shut off, and a failure status shall be indicated on the control panel.
For a gamma-ray system, the radioactive source shutter shall be automatically closed or the source shall be automatically retracted into its shielding assembly, in case of power failure.
4.3 Software
The system shall be able to process and display, save, backup and restore the digital radiographic images of the inspected objects and other relevant inspection data, such as container numbers, inspection date and cargo contents.
4.4 Markings
Markings shall be readable and permanently attached, including at least:
• manufacturer name;
• model number;
• unique serial number;
• function designation for control, switches, adjustments;
• radiation source and energy;
• ionizing radiation warning symbol;
• other safety warnings.
4.5 Ambient dose equivalent rate isodose contour
The manufacturer should provide an isodose contour of the ambient dose equivalent rate around the source when the inspection system is operating.
4.6 Radioactive sources Radioactive sources shall be properly shielded and protected from unauthorized access. The transportation and labelling of the radioactive sources shall comply with national and/or international requirements (e.g., IAEA No.TS-R-1 and IAEA No.RS-G-1 .1 0).

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