IEC 62356-1 pdf download

IEC 62356-1 pdf download

IEC 62356-1 pdf download Video recording – 12,65 mm TYPE D-11 format – Part 1: Tape recording
1 Scope
This International Standard specifies the format for the recording of Type D-11 compressedpictures,four channels of AES3 data and associated data which form helical records on12,65 mm tape in cassettes. This standard also defines the helical track record parameters,the content and format of the longitudinal records and the cassette physical specifications.
The recording format supports frame frequencies of 30/1,001 Hz,25 Hz,24 Hz and24/1,001 Hz.
2Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document.For dated references, only the edition cited applies.For undated references, the latest editionof the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
IEC 61213:1993,Analogue audio recording on video tape – Polarity of magnetization
IEC 61237-1:1994,Broadcast video tape recorders – Methods of measurement – Part 1:Mechanical measurements
IEC 62356-2,Video recording – 12,65 mm type D-11 format – Part 2: Picture compressionand data stream 1
IEC 62356-3,Video recording – 12,65 mm type D-11 format – Part 3: Data mapping oversDTI’
ITU-RRecommendation BT.709:2004,Parameter values for the HDTV* standard forproduction and international program exchange
SMPTE 12M:1999,Television – Audio and Film – Time and Control Code
SMPTE 292M:1998,Bit-Serial Digital Interface for High-Definition Television SystemsSMPTE 276M:1995,Transmission of AES-EBU Digital Audio Signals Over Coaxial Cable
AES3-1992,Serial transmission format for two-channel linearly represented digital audio data
3 Abbreviations and acronyms
For the purposes of this document, the following abbreviations and acronyms apply.
AUX Auxiliary
DCT Discrete cosine transform
ECC Error correcting code
EOB End of block
I-NRZI Interleaved non-return to zero inverted
MUX Multiplex
VLC Variable length coding
4 Environment and test conditions
4.1 Environmental conditions
Tests and measurements made on the system to check the requirements of this standard
shall be carried out under the following conditions:
– temperature: 20 °C ± 1 °C
– relative humidity: 50 % ± 2 %
– barometric pressure: from 86 kPa to 1 06 kPa
– tape tension: 0,3 N ± 0,05 N
– tape conditioning: not less than 24 h
4.2 Calibration tape
Calibration tapes meeting the tolerances specified below should be made available bymanufacturers of digital television tape recorders and players in accordance with thisstandard.
4.3Record locations and dimensions
Geometrical location and dimensions of the recordings on the tape and their relative positionsin regard to timing relations of the recorded signals shall be as specified in Figure 27 andTable 1 . Tolerances shown in Table 1 should, however,be reduced by 50 % for calibrationtapes.
5 Tape and cassette physical specifications
5.1 Magnetic tape specifications
5.1.1 Base
The base material shall be polyester or equivalent.
5.1.2Tape width and width fluctuation
The tape width shall be 12,650 mm ± 0,005 mm.Tape width fluctuation shall not exceed 6 umpeak to peak.The value of tape width fluctuation shall be evaluated by measuring 10 points,each 20 mm apart, over a tape length of 200 mm.

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