IEC 62286 pdf download

IEC 62286 pdf download

IEC 62286 pdf download Service diagnostic interface for consumer electronics products and networks – Implementation for IEEE 1394
3 Terms, definitions and abbreviations
3.1 Terms and definitions For the purposes of this International Standard, the following terms and definitions apply.
3.1.1 configuration ROM area of memory within an IEEE 1 394-enabled device which holds specific information about the device, as defined in IEEE 1 21 2. Device information is held in a hierarchy of directories within the ROM 3.1.2 EACEM unit directory see unit directory
3.1.3 HW_Version hardware version. IEEE 1 21 2 optionally uses this to identify diagnostic software
3.1.4 instance directory second level in the directory hierarchy. The instance directories provide a method to group unit architectures (software protocols) to identify shared physical components. This directory contains the offset into memory of various Unit directories, including the EACEM unit directory
3.1.5 IEEE 1 394 repeater another IEEE 1 394 device in the network capable of relaying or repeating data. This device may have more IEEE 1 394 sockets and can provide a suitable connection into the system
3.1.6 Key_ID Key IDentifier. IEEE 1 21 2 use this to identify the contents of the remaining 3 bytes of a quadlet in a directory. Key_ID is 6 bits long: the proceeding 2 bits are the type, which identifies whether the data in the following 3 bytes is immediate (i.e. they contain the actual data) or whether the 3 bytes are an offset to another place in memory
3.1 .7 minimal ASCII IEEE 1 21 2 defines a limited set of Latin characters that can be used for text. The particular set specified in SDI uses the 1 byte coding specified in IEEE 1 21 2
3.1 .8 model_ID model IDentifier. IEEE 1 21 2 optionally provide this to identify the model. The model should represent a family or class of products and should not be unique to individual devices
3.1 .9 multimedia products or networks combining audio, video, computer and/or communication data
3.1 .1 0 network two or more CE (audio, video or multimedia) products connected together
3.1 .1 1 quadlet group of four bytes (32 bits). IEEE 1 394 transmission is based on the transfer of quadlets and all data is quadlet-aligned
3.1 .1 2 remote diagnosis diagnosis of product via telephone, internet, etc.
3.1 .1 3 root directory the top level directory in the hierarchy of directories. This contains some basic information about the device, such as the Vendor_ID, and also the offset into memory of the Instance directory
3.1 .1 4 unit directory the third and lowest level in the hierarchy of directories. Each unit directory uniquely identifies the software interface (unit architecture) used to control the unit. The EACEM Unit directory provides additional information, either directly or indirectly, needed to specify locations used in the SDI specification
3.1 .1 5 Vendor_ID vendor IDentifier. This is the RID for the vendor

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