IEC 62022 pdf download

IEC 62022 pdf download

IEC 62022 pdf download Installed monitors for the control and detection of gamma radiations contained in recyclable or non-recyclable materials transported by vehicles
This International Standard is applicable to installed monitors for the control and detection ofradioactivity of gamma emitters contained in recyclable or non-recyclable material waste to betransported by vehicles.
This standard is designed to provide the purchaser with an indication of the performance ofthe equipment in detecting radioactive sources left in the material being monitored, and not tomeasure quantity.
This standard does not apply to hand-held equipment. It is not applicable to the monitoring ofmaterials on conveyors. in grabs or being moved by electromagnets.
This standard is not intended for the monitoring of radioactive waste or detection of fissilematerials.
The object of this standard is to define an installed monitor for the control and detection ofradioactivity of gamma emitters contained in recyclable or non-recyclable materialstransported by vehicle,the conceptual requirements,general characteristics,mechanicalcharacteristics,environmental conditions,’minimal requirements,test procedures anddocumentation.
The selection of the location of the instrumentation on the site needs to be optimised toachieve the best performance of measurement, but this is beyond the scope of this standard.
The gamma radiation detected by these monitors may be emitted by one or several discreteradioactive sources included in the loading, or by the presence of radioactive material in thevehicle being monitored.
These monitors are to be used outdoors. The radiations detected are gamma emissions ofenergy at least from 50 keV to 1 500 keV.
lt is advantageous if the equipment can give the approximate location of a radioactive sourcebut this is not a mandatory requirement of this standard.
Conformance with the requirements of this standard is no guarantee that a radioactive sourcewill always be discovered.The shielding of the high-density materials will mean radioactivesubstances buried deep in the material could be missed.
2 Normative references
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