IEC 61822 pdf download

IEC 61822 pdf download

IEC 61822 pdf download Electrical installations for lighting and beaconing of aerodromes – Constant current regulators
Terminal blocks or connectors having a minimum voltage rating of 300 V shall be installed in the control cabinet for connection of external wiring associated with monitoring and remote control. Terminal blocks or connectors shall accommodate 0,250 mm 2 to 2,500 mm 2 cable with a minimum insulation rating of 300 V. Space for spare positions shall be provided to accom- modate optional devices. Monitoring terminals
One terminal for each of the functions listed in shall be provided. Serial wiring All controls and output functions may be optionally available using a serial interface. Output functions may alone be optionally available through a serial interface using a protocol that allows the use of at least layers one and two of the ISO/OSI reference model.
5.3.9 Output current surge limitation
The CCR shall be designed with a controlled feature, so that switching the CCR on and off, changing current steps, or shorting the load, shall not damage the CCR, trip a protective device, nor produce output current surges (transients) that will damage series incandescent lamps. Changes of intensity due to switching of current steps in local or remote control shall occur without over-shoots exceeding 6,7 A r.m.s.
5.3.10 Dynamic response
For sudden load variations exceeding 1 0 % of the load, the duration of the possible over current condition shall be limited to one half-cycle. If the peak current reaches twice the maximum peak current while in normal operation, (i.e. peak current in short circuit at maximum current and maximum input voltage) or the current reaches 1 25 % of the maximum r.m.s. value, the current shall be limited under 2,0 A r.m.s. after the half sine wave in progress. The suppression shall remain for one to four cycles and then the current limits of table 1 shall be achieved in 500 ms or less.
5.3.11 Output voltage limitation With the open circuit protection disabled, the peak output voltage of an open-circuited CCR shall not exceed twice the rated r.m.s. output kVA divided by the rated r.m.s. output current.
5.3.1 2 Protective devices Open circuit protection
The CCR shall include an open-circuit protective device to de-energize the CCR output within 1 s after an open circuit condition (less than 1 ,5 A r.m.s.) occurs in the primary series circuit. The protective device shall be reset manually from the local position only. The CCR shall not trip out due to the switching of load circuits or other transients.
5.3.1 2.2 Overcurrent protection
The CCR shall include an overcurrent protective device to de-energize the CCR output between 3 s and 5 s when the output current exceeds 6,75 A r.m.s. The CCR shall de-energize the output within 300 ms when the output current exceeds 8,30 A r.m.s. The protective device shall be reset manually from the local position only. Primary switching The CCR shall have an electro-mechanical isolating device that interrupts the input power before it reaches the main power transformer and shall not interrupt internal control power.

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