IEC 61754-19 pdf download

IEC 61754-19 pdf download

IEC 61754-19 pdf download Fibre optic connector interfaces – Part 19: Type SG connector family
1 Scope
This part of IEC 61 754 defines the standard interface dimensions for the type SG family of connectors.
2 Description
The parent connector for the type SG connector family is a single position plug of plug/socket connector set configuration. The plug is characterized by duplex cantilevered optical fibres located within the plug interior. Plug optical fibres flex to mate with socket optical fibre ends. Mating socket optical fibres are positioned and aligned by integral V-grooves. Socket V- grooves capture, guide, and align the plug optical fibres during connector set engagement. The spring-release latch limits plug penetration into the socket; it is also a single position key preventing inverted assembly. Contaminant entry is restricted by an integral plug cover and socket door. Each is normally closed when de-mated, but self-actuate to open position for single-action connector set engagement.
3 Interfaces
The following figures and tables define the standard interfaces for the type SG connector family. The standard interfaces contained in this standard are listed in the following:
61 754-1 9-1 : duplex plug connector interface – 8° contact angle
61 754-1 9-2: duplex socket connector interface – 8° contact angle
The following connectors are intermateable:
61 754-1 9-1 mates with 61 754-1 9-2.

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