IEC 61439-2 pdf download

IEC 61439-2 pdf download

IEC 61439-2 pdf download Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies – Part 2: Power switchgear and controlgear assemblies Requirements for earth continuity providing protection against the consequences of faults within the ASSEMBLY Replacement of last paragraph: When removable or withdrawable parts are equipped with a metal supporting surface, these surfaces shall be considered sufficient for ensuring earth continuity of protective circuits provided that the pressure exerted on them is sufficiently high. The continuity of the protective circuit of a withdrawable part shall remain effective from the connected position to the isolated position inclusively. Devices to be operated or components to be replaced by ordinary persons This subclause of Part 1 is not applicable. Requirements related to accessibility in service by authorized persons Additional subclause: 01 Operating and maintenance gangways within a PSC-ASSEMBLY Operating and maintenance gangways (see 3.1 02.1 and 3.1 02.2) within an ASSEMBLY shall comply with the requirements for basic protection as specified in IEC 61 1 40. The design and construction of such gangways shall be agreed upon between ASSEMBLY Manufacturer and User . Recesses within a PSC-ASSEMBLY of limited depth, in the order of 1 m, are not considered to be gangways.
8.5.2 Removable parts Replacement of the title: 8.5.2 Removable and withdrawable parts Additional subclauses:. 01 General The removable and withdrawable parts shall be so constructed that their electrical equipment can be safely isolated from or connected to the main circuit whilst this circuit is live. The removable and withdrawable parts may be provided with an insertion interlock (see 3.2.5 of Part 1 ). Minimum clearances and creepage distances (see 8.3 of Part 1 and 8.3.2 above) shall be complied with in the different positions as well as during transfer from one position to another.
NOTE It may be necessary to ensure that these operations are not performed under load. 02 Removable parts Removable parts shall have a connected position (see 3.2.3 of Part 1 ) and a removed position (see 3.2.4 of Part 1 ). 03 Withdrawable parts Withdrawable parts shall have in addition an isolated position (see 3.2.1 03) and may have a test position (see 3.2.1 02), or a test situation (see 3.1 .1 02). They shall be distinctly located in these positions. These positions shall be clearly discernible.
In PSC-ASSEMBLIES with withdrawable parts all live parts shall be protected in such a manner that they cannot unintentionally be touched when the door, if any, is open and the withdrawable part is withdrawn from the connected position or removed. Where an obstacle or shutter is used they shall meet the requirements of of Part 1 , and warning labels shall be provided.

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