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IEC 61162-402 pdf download Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems – Digital interfaces – Part 402: Multiple talkers and multiple listeners – Ship systems interconnection – Documentation and test requirements
1 Scope
This standard series, IEC 61162-400 and upwards, specifies a communication protocol foruse in integrated ship systems. lt also specifies an interface description language for usetogether with the protocol, a set of rules for the use of this language and a set of standardinterfaces described in the language.
This part of the standard specifies a minimum set of tests to be done, test results to beachieved and documents that shall be available for all implementations of general protocolsoftware and applications that are compliant with the lEC 61162-4 standard. Although this setof standard documents is collectively referred to as lEC 61162-4, the actual part numbers arein the 400-series (see 1.4 of lEC61162-400).
1.2Limitations in scope
The tests and documentation requirements do not cover electrical, physical or environmentalrequirements that may apply to the use of software or computers onboard ships. Such
requirements may be covered by lEC 60945 or lEC 60092-504.Other standards may also beapplicable.
This standard does not necessarily cover all requirements from classification societies orother authorities. lt is the responsibility of the user of this standard to ensure that all
appropriate regulations are addressed.
This standard contains tests to check that an application using the lEC 61162-4 protocoladheres to its advertised interface specification. These tests cannot guarantee the correctfunctionality of that application beyond the possibility of connecting it to the network and witha limited degree of accuracy in the messages transferred.
This standard does not cover the system in which the IEC 61162-4 communication standard isused.Additional requirements will normally apply to the total system configuration.
Fundamental requirements relating to ensuring reliable and timely transfer of data across datacommunication links are included in other standards associated with the integration of
equipment such as lEC 60092-504 and lEC 61209.This standard does not contain tests toverify compliance with these requirements. n addition, specific equipment related standardsmay also contain requirements for correctness and timeliness of data transmissions. Neitherdoes this standard contain any tests to verify such requirements. Thus, results from testscarried out in accordance with this standard cannot be used to demonstrate compliance withthe requirements of any other standards for system or equipment functionality.
1.3 Limitations in test coverage The test plan only specifies general tests of the protocols and a limited set of other general properties (black box tests). The test procedures will not generally cover tests of operating systems, communication libraries or other software components that are used to implement the standard. Neither does this standard specify any tests related to the way the system is implemented (white or glass box testing).

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