IEC 60966-4 pdf download

IEC 60966-4 pdf download

IEC 60966-4 pdf download Radio frequency and coaxial cable assemblies – Part 4: Sectional specification for semi-rigid coaxial cable assemblies
1 Scope
This part of lEC 60966 is a sectional specification that relates to semi-rigid coaxial cableassemblies operating in the transverse electromagnetic mode (TEM). lt establishes uniformrequirements for testing the electrical, mechanical and climatic properties of semi-rigid cableassemblies composed of semi-rigid coaxial cables and coaxial connectors.
NOTE 1 The numbering of the Clauses is the same as in the generic specification.
NOTE 2 For the purpose of this sectional specification, a cable assembly is always regarded as an integral unit.All specifications apply to the finished assembly and not to individual and non-assembled parts thereof.
NOTE 3 This sectional specification should be supplemented with detail specifications giving additional details asrequired by the particular application.This application will not necessarily require all tests.
2Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. Fordated references,only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition ofthe referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
IEC 60096-2:1988,Radio-frequency cables – Part 2: Relevant cable specifications
IEC 60410:1973,Sampling plans and procedures for inspection by attributes
IEC 60966-1:1999,Radio-frequency and coaxial cable assemblies – Part 1: Genericspecification – General requirements and test methods
IEC 61169 (all parts),Radio-frequency connectorsIEC 61196 (all parts) , Radio-frequency cables
lso 9000,Quality management systems – Fundamentals and vocabulary
For the purposes of this document, the definitions given in lEC 60966-1 apply.
4Design and manufacturing requirements
The subclauses of Clause 4 of lEC 60966-1 are replaced by the following.
4.1Cable design and construction
Cables should conform to lEC 60096-2 or IEC 61196. Where cable designs deviating fromthese publications are required they shall comply with the requirements of the detailspecification.
lf required, the manufacturer may use additional protective tubing or cable deviating from lEC61196, in order to comply with the requirements of the detail specification.
The materials used in the cable shall be given as engineering information in the detailspecification.
4.2Connector design and construction
Connectors should conform to lEC 61169. Where connector designs deviating from lEC 61169are required, the interface should conform to the relevant part of lEC 61169 where availableand shall comply with the requirements of the detail specification.
The materials used in the connector shall be given as engineering information in the detailspecification.
4.3Outline and interface dimensions
The outline and interface dimensions shall be in accordance with the detail specification of thecable assembly.
The length,unless otherwise specified in the detail specification,is defined as between thereference planes of the connectors. In the case of right-angle connectors, the length applies tothe axis of the connectors (see Figure 1)
lf not indicated in the detail specification, the length tolerance shall be ±1 % for cables equalto, or longer than,300 mm and +3 mm for cables shorter than 300 mm.

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