IEC 60838-1 pdf download

IEC 60838-1 pdf download

IEC 60838-1 pdf download Miscellaneous lampholders – Part 1: General requirements and tests
Equipment of impulse withstand category l is equipment which is intended to be connected to the fixed electricalinstallations of buildings. Protective means are taken outside the equipment – either in the fixed installation orbetween the fixed installation and the equipment – to limit transient overvoltages to the specific level.
Equipment of impulse withstand category ll is equipment to be connected to the fixed electrical installations ofbuildings.
Equipment of impulse withstand category ll is equipment which is part of the fixed electrical installations and otherequipment where a higher degree of availability is expected.
Equipment of impulse withstand category lN is for use at or in the proximity of the origin of the electricalinstallations of buildings upstream of the main distribution board.
primary circuit
a circuit which is directly connected to the AC mains supply. It includes,for example,themeans for connection to the AC mains supply, the primary windings of transformers,motorsand other loading devices
secondary circuit
a circuit which has no direct connection to a primary circuit and derives its power from atransformer, converter or equivalent isolation device, or from a battery
Exception: autotransformers. Although having direct connection to a primary circuit,thetapped part of them is also deemed to be a secondary circuit in the above sense.
NOTE Mains transients in such a circuit are attenuated by the corresponding primary windings. Also inductiveballasts reduce the mains transient voltage height. Therefore, components located after a primary circuit or after aninductive ballast can be suited for an impulse withstand category of one step lower, i.e. for impulse withstandcategory ll.
3General requirement
Lampholders shall be so designed and constructed that in normal use they function reliablyand cause no danger to persons or surroundings.
In general, compliance is checked by carrying out all the tests specified.
4General conditions for tests
4.1 Tests according to this standard are type tests.
NOTEThe requirements and tolerances permitted by the standard are related to testing of type test samplesubmitted for that purpose.Compliance of type test sample does not ensure compliance of the whole production ofa manufacturer with this safety standard.Conformity of production is the responsibility of the manufacturer andshould include routine tests and quality assurance in addition to type testing.
For further information see IEC 60061-4 3)(inclusion of guidance on conformity testing during manufacture is inpreparation).
4.2 Unless otherwise specified, the tests are made at an ambient temperature of20 °C± 5 °C and with the holder in the most unfavourable position for normal use.
lf a lampholder is declared to accept different lamp fits, it shall comply with the requirementsof each of the fits mentioned.
Compliance is checked with separate sets of specimens according to 4.3.

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