IEC 60704-2-13 pdf download

IEC 60704-2-13 pdf download

IEC 60704-2-13 pdf download Household and similar electrical appliances – Test code for the determination of airborne acoustical noise – Part 2-13: Particular requirements for range hoods
1 scope and object
This clause of part 1 is applicable except as follows:
These particular requirements apply to electrical range hoods (including their accessories andtheir component parts) for household and similar use.
By similar use is understood the use in similar conditions as in households,for example ininns, coffee-houses, tea-rooms.
These particular requirements apply to range hoods intended for filtering the air of the room orfor exhausting the air out of the room. It also applies to range hoods with an external fan.
These particular requirements do not apply to:
– range hoods for industrial or professional purposes.
Intensimetric method for the determination of sound power levels shall not be used for thepurpose of verification.
1.1.2Types of noiseAddition:
The method is applicable to any source for which a physically stationary measurement surfacecan be defined,and on which the noise generated by the source is stationary in time (asdefined in Clause 3), therefore it is not suitable for sources of impulsive noise consisting ofshort duration noise bursts.This method is not suitable if the source under test has significantnoise over 6,3 kHz in one-third-octave band centre frequencies and over 4 kHz in one-octaveband centre frequencies.
1.1.3Size of the sourceReplacement:
The size of the noise source is unrestricted.The extent of the source is defined by the choiceof the measurement surface.
This standard describes the determination of the noise emission of household range hoodsunder normal operating conditions and at the highest fan speed setting for normal use (seenotes 1 and 2). if desired, this test method may be used at any fan speed setting.
NOTE 1 If a boost position is incorporated, this is not taken into account.(See 6.5 of lEC 61591.)
NOTE 2 A boost position is a setting of a control for occasional use which results in a higher temporary fan speed(see 6.5 of lEC 61591).
Requirements for the declaration of noise emission values are not within the scope of thisstandard.
NOTE 3 For determining and verifying noise emission values, declared in product specifications, see IEC 60704-3.
1.3Measurement uncertainty
The uncertainty in the determination of the sound power level of a noise source is related:- to the nature of the sound field of the source;
– to the nature of the extraneous sound field;to the absorption of the source under test;
– to the type of intensity-field sampling and measurement procedure employed.
The normal range for A-weighted data is covered by the one-octave bands from 63 Hz to4 kHz, and the one-third-octave bands from 50 Hz to 6,3 kHz. The estimated values ofstandard deviations of sound power levels,determined according to this standard,are asindicated in Table 101.

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