IEC 60598-2-14 pdf download

IEC 60598-2-14 pdf download

IEC 60598-2-14 pdf download Luminaires – Part 2-14: Particular requirements – Luminaires for cold cathode tubular discharge lamps (neon tubes) and similar equipment
This part of lEC 60598 applies to luminaires for cold cathode tubular discharge lamps andsimilar equipment,operating on a no-load rated output voltage over 1 o0o v but notexceeding 10 00o v, mainly used for general lighting,for indoor or outdoor applications andfor supply voltages up to 1 ooo v.
NOTEIn Japan, the output voltage of 15 000 v is acceptable.
lt covers luminaires incorporating luminous-discharge tubes and supply units,of fixed orportable type,supplied by high,mains or ELV voltages by transformers,inverters orconverters.
This standard does not cover luminaires for luminous-discharge tubes operating at ratedvoltages not exceeding 1 000 v (pre-heated cathodes), for which reference is made to therelevant part 2 of lEC 60598, and luminous discharge tube luminaires to be assembled in siteas an electrical lighting system, for which regional wiring rules apply.
This standard is read in conjunction with those sections of Part 1 to which reference is made.
14.2 Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document.For dated references,only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest editionof the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
IEC 60529,Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)
IEC 61050:1991,Transformers for tubular discharge lamps having a no-load output voltageexceeding 1 000 v (generally called neon-transformers) – General and safety requirements
IEC 61347-2-10:2000,Lamp controlgear – Part 2-10: Particular requirements for electronicinvertors and convertors for high-frequency operation of cold start tubular discharge lamps(neon tubes)
IEC 60417,Graphical symbols for use on equipment
14.3General test requirements
The provisions in Section 0 of lEC 60598-1 apply.
NOTEThis section of lEC 60598-1 covers complete products,on which routine tests according to Annex Q ofPart 1 can be made.
For the purposes of this document,the definitions given in Section 1 of lEC 60598-1 apply,together with the following.
luminous-discharge tube
tube, or other vessel or device,which is constructed of translucent material,hermeticallysealed, and designed for the emission of light arising from the passage of an electric currentthrough a gas or vapour contained within it
NOTE The tube may be with or without a fluorescent coating.
no-load rated output voltage
maximum rated voltage between the terminals of the output winding(s) of the transformer,asin 2.8 of EC 61050, or maximum rated voltage betweenoutputterminals ofinverterslconverters as in 3.2 of lEC61347-2-10
insulating sleeve
envelope designed to be placed over the exposed high-voltage connections at tube electrodesor over cable-end insulators
earth leakage protective device
device which will remove the output power from one or more control gear(s) in the event of ashort circuit between any relevant part of the output circuit and earth
NOTE The device may be in two parts, a sensor and a protective switch (see 14.7.3), or may be combined in units(either inside or outside control gears).
open-circuit protective device
device which will remove the output power from one or more control gear(s) in the event of aninterruption of the secondary high voltage circuit
NOTE The device may be in two parts, a sensor and a protective switch (see 14.7.4), or may be combined in oneunit.
open-circuit condition
a disconnection or lamp fault in the output circuit that causes either the load current of, or themains supply current to, the control gear feeding the lamp circuit to fall below the respectiveshut-down current limit

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