IEC 60317-54 pdf download

IEC 60317-54 pdf download

IEC 60317-54 pdf download Specifications for particular types of winding wires – Part 54: Polyester enamelled round copper wire, class 1 55L
This part of lEC 60317 specifies the requirements of enamelled round copper winding wire ofclass 155L with a sole coating based on polyester resin,which may be modified providing itretains the chemical identity of the original resin and meets all specified wire requirements.NOTE 1 A modified resin is a resin that has undergone a chemical change,or contains one or more additives toenhance certain performance or application characteristics.
Class 155L is a thermal class that requires a minimum temperature index of 155 and a heatshock temperature of at least 175 °C.
NOTE 2 This type of enamelled wire has lower heat shock performance compared to polyester enamelled roundcopper wire class 155 according to lEC60317-3.
The temperature in degrees Celsius corresponding to the temperature index is not necessarilythat at which it is recommended that the wire be operated; this will depend on many factors,including the type of equipment involved.
The range of nominal conductor diameters covered by this part of lEC 60317 is as follows:- grade 1 : 0,050 mm up to and including 3,150 mm;
-grade 2: 0,050 mm up to and including 5,000 mm.
The nominal conductor diameters are specified in clause 4 of lEC 60317-O-1.
2Normative references
The following normative documents contain provisions which,through reference in this text,constitute provisions of this part of lEC 60317.For dated references,subsequent amendmentsto,or revisions of,any of these publications do not apply. However,parties to agreementsbased on this part of Ec 60317 are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying themost recent editions of the normative documents indicated below.For undated references, thelatest edition of the normative document referred to applies. Members of lEC and lSO maintainregisters of currently valid International Standards.
IEC 60317-0-1:1997,Specifications for particular types of winding wires – Part 0: Generalrequirements – Section ‘1: Enamelled round copper wire 1
3 Definitions and general notes on methods of test
For definitions and general notes on methods of test see clause 3 of IEC 6031 7-0-1 .
In case of inconsistencies between IEC 6031 7-0-1 and this standard, IEC 6031 7-54 shall prevail.
4 Dimensions
See clause 4 of IEC 6031 7-0-1 .
5 Electrical resistance
See clause 5 of IEC 6031 7-0-1 .
6 Elongation
See clause 6 of IEC 6031 7-0-1 .
7 Springiness
See clause 7 of IEC 6031 7-0-1 .
8 Flexibility and adherence
See clause 8 of IEC 6031 7-0-1 , where the constant K used for the calculation of the number of revolutions for the peel test shall be 1 30 mm.
9 Heat shock
See clause 9 of IEC 6031 7-0-1 , where the minimum heat shock temperature shall be 1 75 °C.
9.1 Nominal conductor diameters up to and including 1 ,600 mm
The coating shall show no crack. The mandrel diameter shall be as specified in table 1 .

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