IEC 60095-4 pdf download

IEC 60095-4 pdf download

IEC 60095-4 pdf download Lead-acid starter batteries – Part 4: Dimensions of batteries for heavy vehicles
1 scope and object
This part of lEC 60095 is applicable to lead-acid batteries used for starting, lighting andignition of heavy trucks,commercial vehicles, busses and agricultural trucks.
The object of the present standard is to specify global requirements of the main dimensions ofstarter batteries for Europe,North America and East Asia.
This International Standard comprises 12 types of “preferred types” of batteries.
The standard specifies dimensions of 4 types of batteries each for the Europe (types A,B,Cand D2), North America (4D,8D,31T,31A) and East Asia (E41,F51,G51,H52) regions.
For future new developments of heavy vehicles it is strongly recommended to use onlybatteries from this standard.
Several other types of batteries exist under the standards of national or regionalorganisations.They are not included in this International Standard.
2Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document.For dated references, only the edition cited applies.For undated references, the latest editionof the referenced document (including any amendments) applies.
IEC 60050-482:2004,International Electrotechnical Vocabulary – Part 482: Primary andsecondary cells and batteries
IEC 60095-1, Lead-acid starter batteries – Part 1:General requirements and methods of test
IEC 60417,Graphical symbols for use on equipment
ISO 1043-1,Plastics – Symbols and abbreviated terms – Part 1: Basic polymers and theirspecial characteristics
ISO 7000,Graphical symbols for use on equipment – Index and synopsis
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the definitions contained in lEC 60050-482 apply.
4Common features
4.1 Labelling
The batteries shall be marked in accordance with lEC 60095-1.
4.2Marking of polarity
The batteries shall carry the marking of polarity, at least of the positive terminal.
4.2.1 Marking of positive terminals
This marking shall take the form of the symbol ‘+’ either on the upper surface of the positiveterminal or on the lid adjacent to the positive terminal.
4.2.2 Marking of negative terminals
lf the negative polarity is also marked, the marking shall take the form of the symbol ‘ – ; eitheron the upper surface of the negative terminal or on the lid adjacent to the negative terminal.NOTE As an alternative, the wording “Pos” and “NEG” is permitted for the North American market only.
4.2.3Design and dimensions of marking
The symbols used for marking the terminals shall be in accordance with symbol lEC 60417-5005 (2002-10) for the positive and symbol lEC 60417-5006 (2002-10) for the negative polarity.suggested dimensions are shown in Figure 1.
4.3 Marking of plastic material Batteries are universally marked to identify the plastic material. Various marking schemes exist around the world in line with local regulations. However all schemes identify the plastic material by embossing or indenting it into the battery housing. The material content shall be in accordance with ISO 1 043-1 .
”PP/PE“ or ”PP“ is used as the marking for types of plastic materials.
Some materials also include the recycling symbol (ISO 7000-1 1 35) as shown in Figure 2.

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