BS ISO 22158 pdf download

BS ISO 22158 pdf download

BS ISO 22158 pdf download Input/output protocols and electronic interfaces for water meters — Requirements
1 Scope
This International Standard specifies the minimum communication requirements for water meters which havethe capability to exchange or provide data by means of an electronic interface.
This International Standard only specifies the interface conditions present at the electrical and electronicconnections of water meters and does not prescribe any specific equipment such as transponders andinductive pads,which might be connected to the water meter for automatic meter reading or remote meterreading purposes.
2Normative references
The following referenced documents are indispensable for the application of this document. For datedreferences,only the edition cited applies. For undated references, the latest edition of the referenceddocument (including any amendments) applies.
ISO1155,Information processing— Use of longitudinal parity to detect errors in information messages
IEC 60870-5-1,Telecontrol equipment and systems — Part 5: Transmission protocols—Section One:Transmission frame formats
IEC 60870-5-2,Telecontrol equipment and systems — Part 5: Transmission protocols— Section 2:Linktransmission procedures
lEC 60947-5-6,Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear—Part 5-6: Control circuit devices and switchingelements -DC interface for proximity sensors and switching amplifiers (NAMUR)
EN 13757(all parts),Communication systems for meters and remote reading of meters
JIS x 5001:1982,Character structure on the transmission circuits and horizontal parity method
NABS1),Communication system by addressable 8-bit electronic water meters —Specifications, ver.1.0 ,2008.Available [2011-04-27] from: http://www.keikoren.or.jpleng/pub.html
M-bus2),The M-bus. A documentation Rev.4.8,1997.Available [2011-04-27] at http:/
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in EN 13757 (all parts) and the following
〈water meters〉 point or means of interaction between two systems
〈water meters〉 electronic output (generated or passive) from the interface, with pulses at increments equal to a specific defined volume
non-addressable interface device
interface device that cannot be addressed individually in a reading bus
addressable interface device
interface device that can be addressed individually in a reading bus
automatic meter reading
meter reading normally involving a central computer
remote meter reading
meter reading remote from the meter, not necessarily involving a central computer
switching current
current that can be carried by the switch during switching
switch closure
device providing a digital pulse (reed switch, transistor, etc.)
omnidirectional pulse data set
pulse data set where the pulses do not signify flow direction
unidirectional pulse data set
pulse data set where the pulses signify flow in one direction only
bidirectional pulse data set
pulse data set where the pulses signify flow direction
passive output
〈water meters〉 non-powered switching device
active output
〈water meters〉 powered switching device (internal or external to interface)

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