BS ISO 17214 pdf download

BS ISO 17214 pdf download

BS ISO 17214 pdf download Space data and information transfer systems — Spacecraft onboard interface services — Time access service
1 Scope
This International Standard defines services and service interfaces provided by the Spacecraft OnboardInterface Services (SoIS) time access service. It specifies only the service and not the methods of providingthe service, although use of the soIS subnetwork services is assumed.
This International Standard conforms to the principles set out in the Sols Green Book (CCSDS 850.0-G-1;see Reference A6) and it is intended to be applied together with it.
The scope and field of application are furthermore detailed in subclauses 1.1 and 1.2 of the enclosed CCSDspublication.
Requirements are the technical recommendations made in the following publication (reproduced on thefollowing pages), which is adopted as an International Standard:
cCSDS 872.0-M-1, January 2011,Spacecraft onboard interface services —Time access service.
For the purposes of international standardization, the modifications outlined below shall apply to the specificclauses and paragraphs of publication ccsDS 872.0-M-1.
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This part is information which is relevant to the ccsDS publication only.Page A-1
Add the following information to the reference indicated:
[A3] Document CCSDs 301.0-B-3,January 2002, is equivalent to lSO 11104:2003.
3Revision of publication ccsDs 872.0-M-1
lt has been agreed with the Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems that SubcommitteeISO/TC 20/SC 13 will be consulted in the event of any revision or amendment of publication ccsDS 872.0-M-1.To this end, NASA will act as a liaison body between CcsDs and ISo.

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