BS ISO 14785 pdf download

BS ISO 14785 pdf download

BS ISO 14785 pdf download Tourist information offices — Tourist information and reception services — Requirements
This International Standard establishes minimum quality requirements for services provided by touristinformation offices (T1O) of any type and size, whether publicly or privately operated, in order to satisfyvisitors’expectations.
Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.2.1
tourist information office
organization responsible for welcoming, advising visitor and promoting tourism-related activities
Note 1 to entry: Tourist information offices are also known as tourism information centres (TIC).
Note 2 to entry: This definition is also applicable to tourist information offices operated abroad or in otherdestination in the same country.
Note 3 to entry: Promotion can be done through brochures, leaflets and electronic supports.
visitorcustomer who contacts (in person or by other means) a tourist information office
3 Service provision
3.1 Reception ofvisitors
3.1.1 Location and access
The most appropriate location of facilities and types of service shall be established according to thecharacteristics ofthe destination and visitor requirements.
The TIO shall be located where there is the most important flow of tourists.NOTESuitable locations incude the town centre, tourist sites, transport arrival terminals and main accessroads into the destination.
The TIO shall be easy to find, regardless of the means of transport used.
Access should be provided for people with disabilities.
Access to the TIO should be free of charge.
The TIO shall be sign-posted. Sign-posting shall be consistent in style and should comply with ISO 7001The TIO shall be visible by means of an “i” sign placed on or in front of the building, in accordance withlocal regulations (e.g. a sign or a banner). There shall be sign-posting to direct motorists, cyclists andpedestrians.
Maps and brochures published by the TIO shall indicate the TIO location.
Parking areas or nearby parking facilities shall be indicated (if available).
3.1.2 Opening times
The TIO shall define and document its opening timetable according to the number of visitors, tourist activities and seasons.
The TIO shall indicate its opening times at the entrance, as well as on notice boards, location maps, answering machines, destination websites (where available) and/or any other media.
Outside normal working hours, information shall be provided by destination websites.
Emergency contacts shall be indicated, clearly visible from the outside to visitors.
A local map shall be visible from the outside.
A list of accommodation with telephone numbers should be visible from the outside, as well as an indication of where this list can be obtained, if possible.
An answer phone message, in at least two languages, shall inform visitors about the opening hours and the website address (see 3.1.3).
3.1.3 Contact
The TIO shall establish, document and communicate to staff the expectations with respect to behaviour etiquette and crowd management.
Staff shall look professional and provide an efficient service, and shall show they are available and welcoming by:
a) initiating conversation with a greeting;
b) being patient;
c) being polite and friendly;
d) giving priority to visitors over administration work or any other task;
e) clarifying visitors’ enquiries in order to provide a satisfactory response;
f) taking leave with a greeting.

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