AS ISO IEC 19784.2 pdf download

AS ISO IEC 19784.2 pdf download

AS ISO IEC 19784.2 pdf download Information technology—Biometric application programming interface Part 2: Biometric archive function provider interface
1 Scope
This part of ISO/IEC 1 9784 specifies the interface to an archive biometric function provider.
NOTE The interface assumes that the archive will be handled as a database, regardless of its physical realization.
(Smartcards, tokens, memory sticks, files on hard drives and any other kind of memory can be handled via an abstraction layer presenting a database interface.)
This part of ISO/IEC 1 9784 enables any third party to create biometric archive function providers, which may be plugged into any biometric service provider supporting this interface.
It is not in the scope of this part of ISO/IEC 1 9784 to define security and privacy requirements for storage and management of BIRs.
2 Conformance
A conformant BAFP is required to support all functions and parameters specified in this part of ISO/IEC 19784.
No subsets of conformant BAFP functions are defined.
NOTE BSPs may require any of those functions and parameters.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
NOTE Function names and data element names are not included here, but are defined within the body of this part of ISO/IEC 1 9784.
biometric archive function provider
BioAPI component, attached to a BSP via its interface, for storage, management and interchange of BIRs
biometric archive function provider interface
BAFP-to-BSP interface which supports the functions to manage the BAFP itself, its databases or BIRs 4 Interface architecture
ISO/IEC 1 9784-1 :2006 specifies the interface at the top of the BioAPI Framework, which a biometric application uses to interact with BSPs, and through that to biometric units either directly or through BFPs (see Figure 1 and Figure 2 of ISO/IEC 1 9784-1 :2006).
The BAFPI contains the following types of functions.
⎯ General BFP management functions, which are called by the BSP to manage the BFP and its associated BioAPI Units. These functions are not directly related to SPI functions:
⎯ BioAFPI_BAFPUnload;
⎯ BioAFPI_UnitAttach;
⎯ BioAFPI_UnitDetach;
⎯ BioAFPI_QueryUnits;
⎯ BioAFPI_Free (the relation of this function to the respective SPI call depends on the behaviour of the BSP – when the BSP copies the data the BFP has allocated memory for then it can immediately send BioAFPI_Free to the BFP, otherwise the BSP will call this function when itself is requested to free the memory for these data).
⎯ Unit management functions:
⎯ BioAFPI_ControlUnit (this function is directly related to the SPI function);
⎯ BioAFPI_Cancel (this function can be called in relation to the respective calls of the SPI or the application, but can be called for other reasons from the BSP also when there is no respective request from the BioAPI framework or application;

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