AS IEC 61160 pdf download

AS IEC 61160 pdf download

AS IEC 61160 pdf download Design review
11) that the design’s drawings, software codes and specifications is full and complete.
Normally only the recommendations from the review should be documented, but for safetyissues it is important to list all the risks considered and the reason for recommending or notrecommending actions.
As a result of the action items identified and recommendations made,matters the designmanager should consider include, but are not limited to, changes in the design’s concepts,specifications,plans,schedules,or,impact on safety or environmental requirements, productquality, manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance procedures and costs.
For an effective design review, the subjects and results of discussions during each designreview need to be documented to permit continuity and follow-up until design decisions havebeen completed.Sufficient documentation should be contained in the meeting’s minutes sothat successive design reviews avert repeated coverage of the same problems and avoidsignificant loss of insight and understanding of relevant issues. lf continuity and follow-up areachieved,succeeding review effort can be directed to more pressing aspects of the product’sdesign.The meetingTs minutes supporting documentation and follow-up are discussed in 6.7and 6.9.
The specific objectives depend on the type of design review being undertaken and the productor process being designed.Clear explanations by the chair of objectives and scope of eachdesign review will focus attention on specific areas of the design,and minimize misplacedcomments. Typical objectives and activities for each type of design review are given inAnnex B.
Design review meetings are independent of those meetings undertaken as a part of theongoing planning, scheduling and development of the design.
The design manager or those directly involved in the design should not chair design reviews.
Depending on whether the design project is internally or externally funded, the conduct of thereview and the stances taken by the individuals can vary.
6.2Planning for the design review
The point or points at which design review occurs should be determined during the designplanning stage. ldeally design reviews should be conducted before taking a decision that canprove costly,time consuming,or difficult to reverse. This should take into account theidentified risks for the design and/or project.
In this way any changes arising from a design review can be made with less impact onschedule or cost. Additionally,cost,schedule and performance improvements can morereadily be adopted if reviews are conducted before making a significant commitment at majorpoints in the design process.
The design manager should consider the conditions and constraints imposed by a particularproject in the scheduling of design reviews and the optimum number should be determined tomaximize return on time spent.

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